Tatsuya Kuribara
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
2004  Goldsmiths College  University of London, BA Fine Art
2005-2008   Engaged in TV program, Film, and Music PV making
2009   Started a career in photography

栗原達也 / くりばらたつや
2000年 渡英
2004年 ロンドン大学ゴールドスミスカレッジ BA FINE ART卒業

※This homepage is produced as a photographer Tatsuya Kuribara`s work collection. Although partly, the permission of the portrait right is not obtained. Please contact us if there are any inconvenience. It will be changed or deleted. No part of this document, photo, or transmitted in any form or  by any means without prior written permission. Thank you for your understanding.


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